3D Scanning

The Artec Eva is a portable structured light 3D scanner which is safe for museum quality objects and humans. It scans medium to very large, so if the item you want to scan can't be moved,  it can come to you.

Downloadable 3D images are becoming very popular for educational institutions such as museums and art galleries. The Artec Eva can assist in making your collection available online for students to 3d print and view in 360 degrees.

I can even re create delicate objects that cant be touched to give people a more hands on experience. Perfect for sight impaired visitors visiting Canberra Museums.

Want a 3d print of yourself in Cosplay or of a family member? It's all possible with highly accurate 3d scanning.

Photogrammetry is the technology of taking measurements from multiple  photos and creating a 3D image.  I now have two photogrammetry set ups.

For small static objects, multiple photos of the item are taken with one camera from all directions. They are then process with software to create the 3D image in the format of your choosing.

For humans that move, a set up of multiple cameras and a turntable capture the image giving an accurate 3D model. One use for this set up is capturing images of athletes to create custom equipment or for sports scientists to analyze the athlete's body position.

Also great for getting that 3d print of yourself in a Cosplay outfit. Anything that you would like to be digitized can be captured with a 3D scanner.