About Hollie

Hollie Bell and Pickle Rick

14 years ago I started my first business, BizzTools, building loan calculators for mortgage brokers and banks.
While running BizzTools I had time to invent and manufacture three sewing tools and a balcony safety device - Antigrabbity.

Last year I bought myself a large 4 axis CNC machine used for carving foam, wood and any other non metal material.
It can be used for making movie props, mold plugs, art sculptures, wooden furniture and my main product the Sew Sister.

I also have a hand held 3D scanner and have just completed building a photogrammetry booth. Both high detail scanning of large items such as people and museum artifacts.

The CIT at Reid have been very generous in allowing me to set up my workshop on their Campus and I share a workshop with the amazing Erica from The Creative Element.

My talents include choosing the best fruit, putting on duvet covers and loosing weight after having kids. I hate “sameness” and love exploring what’s new in the world of technology.