Bias Binding by Hollie

Annoying Sewing Problem #3.  Due Mid '17

"Bias Binding by Hollie" is my third sewing invention and will be coming out after my second invention has launched - "Tailor Tacks by Hollie".

Clothes finished with bias binding look so beautiful and professional, but OMG what a Pain in the Butt to make! You can buy it pre-made though, in bland polycotton fabric which won't match the fabric of your outfit. Or you can make it yourself, really badly, taking up way too much of your precious sewing time.

*Insert Tinkerbell chime* ... Need 3 metres of silk bias tape for your new dress? Now you can make double fold ( not just single fold!) bias binding 100% perfect in just ten minutes. Even I'm impressed with that. You won't even have to measure out the strips on your fabric. The only thing easier than Bias Binding by Hollie, is getting someone else to do it for you.

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