On your marks, get set, SEW!

Fear of Missing Out

I'm not sure if it's a FOMO or my competitive streak, but I've decided to "join" in the competition. Actually, it will be more as a sew along for me. Obviously, I can't win:
A. Because I am running the competition and
B. Because there are a gazillion people far more talented than myself.

If I don't participate, I know I'll feel like I do each year when I see people graduating from university.  A tinge of jealousy and regret.  Plus this is way easier than completing a 4 yr degree and far more enjoyable.

My plan of attack is to go through my patterns, choose a dress I like, decide which of the accessories the dress will match the best and then choose the material from my stash.

Pattern Possibilities

The important thing to keep in mind when I make a dress, is that I ride my bike, everywhere. Even with high heels, a dress and lipstick. You clearly don't need lycra to ride a bike.

This means the skirt needs to be full so it doesn't ride up and blind oncoming drivers, Plus my body type is broad shoulders, no waist and small hips. Pretty much like a male really, but with teeny boobs, so a full skirt looks like I may have hips hidden under there.

These are the 4 possibilities in my pattern box.



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