My “Black & White” entry

This dress was made as a sew along for the Tools By Hollie sewing competition.

I am a bit of a fabric snob and only usually buy top quality fabrics but when Lincraft was closing down in Canberra I spotted this “lace” and it was 1/3 the price so I grabbed some.

I chose the very cute Vogue 4184 pattern, mainly because it has a full skirt which means I can ride my bike in it still, plus is suited the fabric. The underlining is a Lisa Ho silk that I’ve had for years and the lining is Rayon which I personally think feels a little too thick and stains with any watermarks from the iron. I doubt I’ll use rayon again.

Pattern Adjustments

I did my standard pattern changes : make the torso 4cm longer before the waste, Upper body size 14 tapering to a 12 at the waist, and then make the shoulders straight instead of sloping down.        

One major adjustment I had to make was the top yoke was way too long, it came half way down my bra and not above the boobs like it should. I expect this is a change most people may have to make so it comes to the cleavage area and not below.

I made two toiles which meant when it came to making the dress I didn’t have to make any adjustments. Totally worth the extra effort.

I did a lot of handbasting to ensure the underlining didn’t sag below under the lace but I passed the time by watching Valentino, the last Emporer. I can highly recommend.

Arm holes were finished off with silk bias tape, tedious but necessary on a see through lace.
I used ban roll to create baby hems on the sleeves and hand stitched the hem.

It was a good way to spend a week with no kids 🙂 I wasn’t sure when I would wear this dress so decided it would be nice to dress up to see NYE fireworks and dance in the city with my kids. It was perfectly easy to ride my bike in. Mission accomplished.



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