Do you have an idea or product you need a prototype for?

With the help of Erica from The Creative Element and myself, between us we have everything you need to get your idea materialized.

As well as 3D Scanners and CNC Milling, there are 3d printers (resin and ABS), laser cutters, mold making materials & injection molding. Plus Erica is practically an expert in Arduino programming, electronics and robot making.... ones that fight too!

As well as the equipment, you have access to my experience of getting 5 products to market,  going from idea all the way through to sourcing manufacturing. I'm a problem solver, lateral thinker and can get things done.

Erica's brain is something else. You have no idea what is in there and the amazing things she can create. If it has anything to do with STEM, she's the one you need.

To book an appointment call 0413 666 345 -  Consulting fee is $80 per hour.