Sew Sister

Please contain your excitement so you can focus on reading. Save the back flips for the end of the page. 

Do you have a dressmakers doll? How good is the fit? I know I had a store bought dress makers dummy and even with the correct measurements, the fit was nothing like my real body and clothes that looked good on the dummy didn't fit or looked disproportionate.

With my body type I would have been better buying the men's dummy and putting a bra on it.

Then came the plaster of paris version. It took two attempts, over 20 hours to make, made a lot of mess and I had to get someone else to do the plaster of paris. The first time, my boyfriend couldn't cut me out as he had done so many layers.

When you do a plaster version, you're in the cast for about an hour and the body moves quite a bit over time. While the result definitely looked like me, the actual measurements were way off. There is a difference of about 5cm around the chest area and if I make a block straight from the dummy I have to do numerous changes to make it look fit like the real me.

Sew Sister Milled Torso
Plaster self made version

You can see from the picture that it's definitely larger in size to the one above it. My shoulders are way too high and there is no definition around my neck.

Now here comes the exciting part. A few weeks ago I flew to Melbourne and had a 3D body scan at Office Works. It literally took 1 minute to do the scan after I had whipped off my clothes in the private booth. Clothes back on and the finished image was being viewed by the technician to make sure there were no holes. Usually they use these booths for printing out "Shapies", but I requested only the file.

I then sent the file to the company that does 3d Milling and the result is the first image. An exact replica of me. You can even see my collar bones it's so accurate. Lucky for you though, I didn't post a rear view image of my flat butt :)

When it arrives at the end of the week I'll add a layer of waterproof protection, a jersey cover  and then for a sturdy base.  More pictures to come!

So stay tuned, I am looking at purchasing a machine  (a very expensive machine) so everyone can have their own "Sew Sister". 

And here is the completed version.

I added round wooden caps to the legs, drilled a hole for the stand and made a jersey cover. I made sure I used a colour I would very rarely wear so I didn't get bored with it.

I am tingling with excitement . Now I can make clothes that fit!

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Sew Sister Milled Torso