3D Scanning

Before purchasing, make sure you have access to a full body 3D scanner.

mPort: Worldwide
Free scanning 

New Zealand
3dfy Me
1 Norwood Place, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037
Auckland coming soon.

Scanning is free.
Please email hollie@toolsbyhollie.com for further instructions.

Fit3D https://www.fit3d.com/locations/ (World Wide).
Approximately  AU$35.
Please email your receipt for an AU$30 refund on your Sew Sister.

OfficeWorks Russell St Melbourne Phone: (03) 8665 6400. Au$55.
Please email your receipt for an AU$30 refund on your Sew Sister.
Fantastic detail with this scan.

If there is no 3d Scanner in your area, such as TAS, please email me and
if we can get a group of people together, I can travel to you with a scanner.

What do I wear?

Wear what you would wear under your clothes so the Sew Sister shape is accurate when making your clothes. This could be your everyday bra and knickers, spanx (got to love those!), fitted active wear or bikini. Keep the clothes as light as possible in colour. No black or dark colours.Take a hair band!

How do I stand? 

Arms: Make sure your arms are away from your body. Relax your body and shoulders and slowly lift the arms out to the side at about 40 degrees without raising the shoulder area.The fit3d has arm rests which will put you in the perfect position.

mPort have great instructions of where to put your arms.Take in a deep breath and let half of it out so your chest isn’t too inflated.

Keep your chin up and face forward.

Feet shoulder width apart

Relax your body in as natural position as possible.

Wear your hair up off the back of your neck, put it in a pony tail behind your head, not on top as it will change your height.

Hold still during the scan!

For full detail from mPort see this informative page.

How do I get my file to you?

Soon there will be an mPort interface on the site and a drop box for fit3d.Stay tuned or email Email Me when you've had your scan.

Still have questions? Email Hollie