Baby Hem with Ban Roll

Teeny tiny elegant hems are hard to achieve, but there are few little tricks that can make the process easier and more professional looking.

My favourite method is to use Ban Roll (BanRol) and it's especially useful for fine and slippery fabrics like silk or light weight cottons. It's even great for curved hems such as this example below.

Ban Roll is a stiffening used for waist bands or to make hems rigid.
It comes in different widths and the one I prefer to use is 5cm wide.


Step 1.
Pull away three or four of the threads from the edge along the full length of the ban roll.
I have a strip that is 3m long which is great for fuller skirts.

Baby Hem


Step 2.
Pin the ban roll to the right side of the fabric.

Baby Hem

Step 3.
Sew along the length of the ban roll, making sure you stitch to the right of the length wise threads and only on top of the loose horizontal ends.


Step 4.
Using a rotary cutter or scissors, trim off the excess fabric cutting right along the edge of the ban roll.

Step 5.
Flip the ban roll over and press the edge under with an iron.  (Blame the 8 yr old for the fuzzy photo)

Step 6.
Flip it over again and press.

Step 7.
Sew the hem, I used a blind hem foot to stay straight and even.

Baby Hem

Step 8.
Pull the fabric away from the ban roll, this is actually very easy and strangely satisfying.

Baby Hem

Step 9.

Baby Hem

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